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Marine Propulsion and Power Generation


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Nanni Marine Engines for Pleasure Craft Applications

Nanni has appointed MSHS as the distributor for the US East and Gulf Coast, Mexico, Central America and the North Coast of South America.

As an established brand, Nanni is the preferred supplier for major European Boatbuilders, including Bavaria, Antaris, Ocqueteau, Archambault, Balt Yacht, Delphia, Linssen, Waterspoor, Aquatec and Rustler Yacht.

MSHS supports sales from its offices in Fort Lauderdale, Seattle, Maine, and Louisiana as well as throughout its dealer network.

Features of Nanni Marine Diesel Engines Generators

  • The engine block providers, Kubota and Toyota, are prestigious partners bringing a superior level of high technology, quality and reliability, ensuring:
    • Easier maneuvering and cruising
    • All QMS generators are running at 1500 rpm to limit vibration levels and damages
    • Electrical connections, cooling sea water inlets and outlets as well as exhaust lines are integrated in the box
    • Maximum speeds are easily reached thanks to an immediate torque at low RPM and full power at medium RPM
    • Removable panels give direct access to the engine and the alternator

    Nanni Power Range

  • 10 to 350 hp HP for marine pleasure craft
  • 2000 to 4000 RPM

Product Range

  • Engines

    Air-cooled compressor: L-Series

    • pdf download
      Engines based on Kubota and Toyota
    • ranges from 10 to 760hp
  • Gensets

    Air-cooled compressor: L-Series

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      Continuous kWe from 10.1 to 30

  • C13 500

    • 520 MHP, 513 BHP, 2000 rpm, 382 kW
    • 2,965 lbs

    C13 825

    • 825 MHP, 813 BHP, 2400 rpm, 607 kW
    • 3,086 lbs
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  • N67-400 PD

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    • 400 MHP, 394 BHP, 3000 rpm, 294 kW
    • with ZF 2800-1
    • 1885 lbs

    N67-450 PD

    pdf download
    • 450 MHP, 444 BHP, 3000 rpm, 330 kW
    • with ZF 2800-1
    • 1895 lbs

    N67-500 PD

    pdf download
    • 500 MHP, 493 BHP, 3000 rpm, 367 kW
    • with ZF 2800-1
    • 2006 lbs

Video Gallery

For more information, view a selection of Nanni videos, which showcase the most innovative industrial machinery, engines, products and applications offered by Nanni.

Nanni Spare Parts & Factory-Authorized Services

  • Nanni Spare Parts

    • Dedicated Nanni-trained Team of Specialists
    • MSHS Partnership with Nanni offering complete access to the OEM supply chain
    • Extensive inventory of Nanni spare parts
    • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times
  • FPT Spare Parts

    Nanni Spare Parts

    Find out more about our extensive spare parts portfolio.


  • Factory-approved Nanni Service

    • Short turnaround times for emergency service in the Americas
    • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
    • Installation of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment
  • Nanni Service

    Nanni Service

    Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services.


  • Local Nanni Dealer Network

    • Network of MSHS approved Nanni Dealers
    • Authorized service and spare parts dealers
    • Sea-trials and commissioning on-site
    • Certified technicians; approved by Nanni
  • Nanni Dealers

    Find a factory-trained Nanni Dealer near you.