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Hyundai Hi-touch Marine & Stationary Engines

Hyundai HiMSEN - World's largest builder of marine diesel engines

Hyundai Heavy Industries Company Profile

Hyundai HiMSEN Engine & Machinery Division is the world's largest marine diesel engine builder, supplying approximately 35% of the global marine diesel market.

Hyundai HiMSEN is also a leading manufacturer of propellers, cargo oil pumps, ballast water treatment systems, and side thrusters.

Hyundai designed and developed the HiMSEN engine as part of ongoing efforts to provide the most practical and highest quality engines to its customers in the marine market.

MSHS is proud to provide factory-trained service for Hyundai HiMSEN in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Hyundai HiMSEN models offer the following:

Hyundai HiMSEN Model
  • - Reliability
  • - Durability
  • - Long service intervals
  • - Easy maintenance
  • - Economical operating costs
  • - Eco-friendly

  • Eco-friendly Durability Reliability

Product Range

  • 2-stroke Engines

    2-stroke Engines<br>(HiMSEN)
    • Semi-built-up crankschafts
    • Monoblock crankshafts

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  • 4-stroke Engines

    4-stroke Engines<br>(HiMSEN)
    • CNC and NC heavy-duty crankshaft
    • Cutting-edge technology
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  • Propulsion Systems

    Propulsion Systems<br>(HiMSEN)
    • Highly efficient propulsion systems
    • Modern design
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  • Hyundai HiMSEN Brochure

    More information about Marine Engine & Equipment.

    pdf download Hyundai HiMSEN Brochure
  • Hyundai HiMSEN video

    Watch a Hyundai HiMSEN video.

    HiMSEN video

Hyundai HiMSEN Factory-Trained Services

  • Factory-approved Hyundai Services

    • Close Partnership with Hyundai with full access to the OEM supply chain
    • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times
    • 24/7 emergency service
    • Hyundai Factory-trained and experienced technicians
    • Installation of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment
  • Hyundai Service

    Hyundai Service

    Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services.