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MAN Diesel & Turbo

MAN Diesel & Turbo's industrial history has existed for more than two and a half centuries. MSHS expertise in maintaining and overhauling turbochargers ensures customers receive the best service possible. MSHS provides service and parts for all MAN turbochargers.

MSHS experienced and factory- trained technicians have provided turbo services for more than 28 years. Our field service technicians provide service and support 24/7, 365 days a year. MSHS is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Features of MAN Turbochargers

Features of MAN Turbochargers

  • Output spectrum of turbocharger for two and four-stroke engines from 390 kW to 30,000 kW per turbocharger
  • High efficiency
  • Easy maintenance

MAN Core Components

  • MAN Rotor Assembly
  • MAN Gas Admission Casing
  • MAN Turbine Rotor
  • MAN Gas outlet Casing
  • MAN Compressor Wheel
  • MAN Bearing Casing
  • MAN Basic Unit or Cartridge
  • MAN Insert
  • MAN Nozzle Ring
  • MAN Air Intake Casing
  • MAN Shroud Ring
  • MAN Compressor Casing
  • MAN Diffuser

Product Range

  • TCR Series

    TCR Series

    TCR10 / TCR12 / TCR14 TCR16 / TCR18 / TCR20 / TCR22

    • Engine outputs from 390 to 6,700 kW
    • Radial flow design
    • Increased efficiency due to improved compressor wheel and turbine design
    • Constant and pulse pressure turbocharging
    • Low moment of inertia for best dynamic behavior
    • New compressor wheel fixation for easy servicing
    • Un-cooled casings
    • Pipe-less design with integrated oil inlet and oil drain
    • No sealing air required
  • NR/S Series

    NR/S Series

    NR12S / NR14S / NR17S / NR20S / NR24S / NR29S / NR34S

    • For engine outputs from 450 to 5,400 kW per turbocharger
    • Radial flow design
    • Suitable for heavy fuel, diesel oil, bio fuel and gas operation
    • Un-cooled casings
    • Inboard plain bearing design
    • Lubricated by the engines lube oil system
    • Easy maintenance
  • TCA Series

    TCA Series

    TCA33 / TCA44 / TCA55 / TCA66 / TCA77 / TCA88

    • For engine outputs from 2,100 to 30,000 kW per turbocharger
    • Inboard bearing design
    • Axial flow design
    • High performance floating bearings for minimized mechanical losses and optimized damping behavior
    • Reduced noise emission and increased efficiency through new developed compressor wheel
    • Thrust bearing inspection without shaft removal
    • Easy replacement of individual turbine blades
    • Simple installation due to integrated oil piping, sealing air and venting system
    • Water-free design
  • NA/S/T9 Series

    NA/S/T9 Series

    NA29S / NA34S / NA40S / NA48S / NA57/T9 / NA70 / T9

    • For engine outputs from 1,650 to 24,500 kW per turbocharger
    • Suitable for heavy fuel, diesel oil, bio fuel and gas operation
    • Axial flow turbine inboard plain bearing design
    • Lubricated by the engines lube oil system
    • Easy maintenance

MSHS MAN Turbocharger Spare Parts and Services

  • MAN Turbocharger Spare Parts

    • Dedicated MAN Turbocharger Team of Specialists
    • Full access to the supply chain
    • Extensive MAN Turbocharger spare parts inventory
    • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times
  • MAN Turbocharger Spare Parts

    MAN Turbocharger Spare Parts

    Find out more about our extensive spare parts inventory.


  • Factory-trained MAN Turbocharger Service

    • Short turnaround times for emergency service in the Americas
    • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
    • Installation of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment
  • MAN Turbocharger Service

    MAN Turbocharger Service

    Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services.