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MWH Factory Parts for Marine and Stationary Power Plants

MWH is a worldwide provider of perfomance systems housed within large combustion engines for vessels and power generation plants. Leveraging decades of experience, MWH develops reliable critical-to-function components for large 2- and 4-stroke combustion engines, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, lower running costs and dependability.

MWH- Markisches Werk

Benefits of MWH Factory Parts

To achieve peak performance, you need to rely upon ideal interactions between components. MWH, known around
the world as superior, innovative and reliable, uses the latest technologies to design and produce every component
that makes up a cylinder head system to achieve those ideal interactions.

Both standard and customized components are available to suit your need to achieve peak performance, thus eliminating any compatibility issues associated with using multiple sources.

By continuously innovating, MWH is always improving cost of ownership, reliability, fuel consumption, and emissions performance of the customers’ engines.

Spare Parts Inventory

MSHS is proud to offer an expansive inventory of MWH cylinder head components utilized for most
major engine brands.

MSHS provides:

  • • 24/7 Service Solutions & Technical Support
  • • Competitive pricing
  • • Worldwide shipping
  • • Short delivery times

Product Range

  • Cylib

    Cylinder Head Systems

    • 2- Stroke Exhaust Valve System
    • 4- Stroke Cylinder Head
    • 4- Stroke Inlet & Exhaust Valve Cage System

  • 2-stroke components

    2- Stroke Cylinder Head System Components

    2- Stroke Exhaust Valve System Components:
    • Valve Spindles
    • Valve Seats
    • Valve Guides
    • Valve Housings
  • 4-stroke cylinder head systems

    4-Stroke Cylinder Head Systems

    4- Stroke Exhaust Valve System
    • Valve Spindles
    • Valve Guides
    • Valve Rotator Turnomat
    • Valve Springs
    • Valve Cage
    • Kits and Assemblies
  • Kits and Cages

    4-Stroke Cages and Kits

    4- Stroke Cage System Components:

    • Kits and Assemblies