MSHS Navigator News - September 2015

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MSHS has been appointed the Mitsui Cooperative Repair Shop for Mitsui Engines and Turbochargers for North America. From its service facilities in Florida and Louisiana, MSHS provides 24/7 support to all Mitsui engines and turbochargers. MSHS offers a comprehensive Mitsui parts inventory, together with factory trained service technicians.

Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co.,LTD. (MES) is a global multi discipline engineering company offering unique services based on a wide range of product lines, from marine vessels and energy systems
to advanced machinery.

MSHS and Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH launch Joint Venture, MSHS Metalock Engineering, Inc. (MME)

MSHS Metalock Engineering USA Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) is proud to announce the launch of a joint venture in partnership with Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH (MEG).

The joint venture, named MSHS Metalock Engineering, Inc. (MME) has been created to strengthen the MSHS offering of diesel engine services for the marine and stationary power market.

Specialized On Site crankshaft journal machining repair and General on site machining for flange facing,
drilling and line boring of engine main journal bores, wear and tear to rudder bores or emergency situations
are offered globally
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NEW Product Alert: Hamann AG- High Quality Sewage Treatment Systems

MSHS is proud to be the official Hamann Sales and Service representative for refits throughout the USA and Caribbean.
As leading supplier to the yacht market, MSHS supports every aspect of new systems and after-market sales including inspection, commissioning, maintenance and service. The addition of the Hamann product line forms part of the ongoing MSHS commitment of offering a One-stop-shop to the marine market.

Hamann Product Benefits:
No use of any chemicals or consumables
No sensitive parts
No use of filters and membranes
Easy operation and low maintenance costs
Fully automated systems

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MSHS supports cruise line during prime mover maintenance

MSHS was commissioned to recondition complete sets of cylinder heads for the prime movers of two 1,115 foot cruise vessels during their scheduled 18K hour maintenance.

This project required the cylinder heads to be quickly and efficiently reconditioned in our facility and returned to the cruise ship in short turn-around time.

Through a combined MSHS effort of supplies, technical support and ability to translate customer needs into workable and effective solutions, MSHS was able to exceed the customers expectations and completed the project ahead of the requested delivery.

MSHS re-powers crew and fire fighting fleet for South American commercial market

MSHS was commissioned to repower a fleet of 12 to 16 meter crew and fire fighting vessels for the South American commercial market. This project required a great deal of flexibility and customization.

To meet the customers' specific needs, MSHS built custom packages to allow easy installation and on going service, bringing vessels back into service as quickly as possible.