MSHS Onsite Machining Services

Recognized by industry leaders, Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) represents the best in complete turnkey solutions for Onsite Machining Service 24/7. MSHS Onsite Machining Services provides:

  • Crankshaft journal repair - Customized tools for all engine makes and/or models.
  • Mobile machining tools - Minimize engine and other large equipment downtime.
  • Experienced factory-trained MSHS On-Site USA engineers.
  • 2- and 4-stroke diesel engine failure on a vessel or stationary power plant can cause extremely high costs and tremendous downtime.

Our On Site/Insitu machining services eliminate some of these costs and reduce downtime caused by the complete disassembly, removal, and transport of damaged engine parts.

Crankshaft Assessment

Full crankshaft assessment (e. g. after bearing failure with journal overheating)Consisting of:

  • Full hardness measurement of the journal and establishing hardness development field
  • Journal surface roughness testing
  • MPI crack test of the crankshaft/journal (by Level 2 certified Technician)
  • Full geometrical assessment of the journal including diameter, cylindricity and parallelism
  • Run out test of the crankshaft
  • Full report with repair feasibility estimate

Explore Services

  • Image of MSHS's onsite line boring services performed on large engine parts

    Line Boring

    Line boring main & auxiliary engines and rudder bores are some of the services we offer this industry.

  • Image of MSHS's onsite flange facing services, to seal leaks and create a more effective seal

    Flange Facing

    Plane surfaces that are no longer flat and therefore cause leakages are mechanically machined.

  • Ridge Wear Removal

    Crankshaft big end journal ridge wear removal and manual removal of the cam ridge wear on big end journals.

  • Broken Stud Removal

    Drilling out of broken studs and bolts. Installation of threaded insert sleeves for re-establishing original geometrical dimensions.

  • Laser Crankshaft Centerline Measurement

    Laser measurement and verification of the centerline of the crankshaft alley in the engine block/housing

  • MPI Crack Testing

    Full MPI (Magnetic Particle Indication) Testing of components and objects in the workshop or mobile at site. This service is completed by a Level 2 certified MPI Technician.

  • Engineered Solutions Based On SolidWorks

    Engineering of custom solutions for OSM repairs. Creation of drawings and manufacturing of custom specialized tools for service tasks