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As a distributor for QuantiParts, MSHS provides OEM parts for classic Wärtsilä engines and other brands within the United States.

MSHS delivers 24-7 from an extensive stock of spare parts and offers a full scope of services. These include new and reconditioned parts, field services, test bed facilities, measurement and machining services with the best technical know-how available in the business.


  • Certified OEM parts
  • Commitment and focus on 9 engine brands, consisting of more than 40 engine types
  • We offer parts and think in solutions
  • Best technical experts per brand
  • Extensive stock covering most overhaul activities with fast delivery
  • Technical support
  • With extensive expertise for more than 35 years keeping engines running.

Supported Engines

MSHS trades OEM spare parts and provides services for Bolnes, Deutz, Deutz MWM, Stork Werkspoor Diesel, Sulzer A/S 4 stroke, SACM, Poyaud, Vasa 14/24, GMT and Crepelle engines.

  • Stork Werkspoor Diesel

    Stork Werkspoor Diesel

    Supported Engines: DR210, F240, TM620, SW280, TM410

  • Bolnes


    Supported Engines: 190 Engines



    Supported Engines: DEUTZ KHD: D536, SBV628, RSVM545, BAM528, BVM350, BVM640, BVM358, BAM816, BVM540

  • SACM


    Supported Engines: UD30

  • Poyaud


    Supported Engines: UD 150, UD18, UD23, UD25

  • Crepelle


    Supported Engines: 26

  • Sulzer / AS / 4-Stroke

    Sulzer / AS / 4-Stroke

    Supported Engines:
    A20, AT25, AL20, S20, A25, S20(U)

  • gmt


    Supported Engines:
    GMT 210, GMT 230, GMT 320, GMT 420

  • vasa


    Supported Engines:
    VASA 14, VASA 24

Manufacturer Standard Warranties and Extended Parts Coverage

In addition to providing the best engine for your vessel or pleasure craft, MSHS industry-leading warranty packages help protect your investment, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your marine diesel engine. Contact us to find out more about our warranty packages.

  • 24/7 Global Service

    24/7 Global Service

    Quick and professional response minimizes down time.


  • Spare Parts

    Auxiliary Equipment

    For more information about Auxiliary Products please contact us.


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