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BollFilter High-Quality Filtration Systems

BollFilter Protection System - the World Leader in Filtration Systems

BollFilter Protection Systems

Built to protect your valves, pumps, bearings, nozzles etc.  from pollution, BollFilter Protection Systems reliably filters dirty fluids and feeds the cleaned substances back into the process.

BollFilter Protections Systems are manufactured by Boll & Kirch Filterbau GmbH, a renowned German manufacturing company founded in 1950. Their continuous investment in research and development has made them the world leader in liquid and gas filtration technology.

Boll & Kirch is firmly committed to the protection of the environment, which includes designing preventative measures to minimize emissions, save water and energy.

MSHS is proud to represent Boll & Kirch in the Americas and the Caribbean, offering complete units, spare parts, service and hands-on training for your existing and new BollFilter Protection Systems.


BOLL & KIRCH filters offer reliable protection from catalytic fines (cat fines) in mandated low-sulphur fuels. Cat fines are highly abrasive particles that cause engine component wear. Main and auxiliary engine manufacturers recommend Boll & Kirch 10 µm abs filtration products to prevent potential cat fine damage. No other manufacturer has installed as many 10 µm abs fuel oil filters as Boll & Kirch.

For a complete overview of the impact of low-sulphur fuel oil on marine engines as well as recommended filter solutions from Boll & Kirch, CLICK HERE

Introducing the new automatic water filter - aquaBoll

The individuality and performance of the aquaBoll is based on a new platform concept. This is realized by a multi-segmented casing with various customizations - on a minimum installation space. The adaptive filtration elements are all integral components to specifically adapt the automatic filter to your very own needs in filtration.

  • Maximized efficiency: Application-specific standard solutions
  • Specialist range of filter elements adapted to your specific application
  • Flexibility for nozzle orientation - project specific connections
  • Versatile and application-specific materials for both housings and internal coatings
  • Highest flow rates at smallest footprints
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    BollFilter Protection Systems Feature

    BollFilter Water Filtration Systems

    Boll Protection Systems Feature

    BOLLFILTER Automatic Self cleaning Systems
    • • Leaders in filtration technology, maintaining a large-scale research and development facility

    • • High quality and safety standards, ISO 9001:2015
      certified since 1994

    • • Committed to the protection of the environment; environmental ISO 4001 certified

    • • Filtration grades of 3 micron to 10 mm

    • • Filter media from stainless steel wire mesh or polyester mesh, fiber glass, polyester or paper mat

    • • Different mesh types for maximum temperature and pressure stability

    • • Regenerative or one-way cartridge

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    BollFilter Parts

    Boll Automatic Parts Feature

    • Parts• Low operating cost
    • • Precise back flush function
    • • Reliable removal of retained solids
    • • Small flushing volumes

    BollFilters clean the following fluids:

    • Chemicals • Cooling • Lubricants • Fuels • Oil • Water

    BollFilter Protection System advantages:

    • • Easy & quick cleaning & maintenance
    • • Defined filtration degree by means of precision filter meshes
    • • Large filter services
    • • Long life span
    • • Robust & compact design
    • • Simple handling

    Need parts?

    Using the instruction manual will enable you to locate the part number you will need when ordering from MSHS. For more information, contact our support team.

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