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Turbocharger Repair & Maintenance

Reconditioning Field Service Workshop Services


MSHS offers a comprehensive package of repair solutions, tailor made for turbochargers in its turbocharger reconditioning center. We focus on providing reliable and cost-effective solutions which would include a comprehensive failure analysis using Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method.

We offer inspection (NDT) and reconditioning for the following components:

  • Turbine blades
  • Turbine wheels
  • Impellers and Inducers
  • Shaft ends
  • Shaft Journals
  • Nozzle rings

Field Service

  • 24/7 emergency response limits downtime
  • Custom designed maintenance solutions
  • Factory-trained & experienced field service engineers
  • Long-term service agreements

Workshop Services

  • Dynamic balancing of rotors & shafts
  • Material cleaning & handling according to OEM guide-lines
  • Reconditioning of core components: Turbine blades, radial turbines, compressor wheels, inducers, impellers, shafts, re-blading rotors, journals & replacement of gland strips
  • Segregated working areas minimize contamination & improve overall quality & responsiveness
  • Trouble shooting, 24/7 emergency service
  • Complete overhauls of all turbocharger brands
  • Detailed repairs

In-house Capabilities

Using superior technology, our turbocharger division offers the highest level of component-reconditioning. The reconditioning center is comprised of three independent work stations that are environmentally controlled to maximize efficiency and quality:

  • NDT/quality control room
    Equipment inspection/ defects diagnosed
  • Welding room
    Components individually worked & re-built
  • Machining/ profiling room
    Re-shape & finish
  • Turbocharger Sales

    Turbocharger Sales

    Complete units of Napier, MAN, MET, PBS and KBB as well as retrofits for most brands.


  • Turbocharger Spares

    Turbocharger Spares

    Genuine turbocharger spare parts for most major turbocharger brands.