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Turbocharger Retrofit Solutions

MSHS Turbo Retrofit program utilizes and supports the most reliable and regarded turbochargers available in the market. Focused on owners and operators of older diesel engines– the program offers our customers modernization and life-time extension of a vessel and/or generating plant. Capable of delivering superior performance– MSHS turbo retrofits replace existing supercharging with the most recently developed turbocharger technology.

  • Reduction of emissions & specific fuel oil consumption
  • Temperature reduction & lifetime extension of combustion components
  • Higher engine efficiency
  • Improved spare parts availability & support
  • Extended time-between overhauls & cost reduction

The advanced technology available from the MSHS Turbo Retrofit program adds value for operators through modernized serviceable equipment– reduced fuel consumption– and overall cost reductions.

Authorized Spares Parts and Complete Turbochargers Network

  • KBB
  • METurbo
  • Napier

MSHS Turbo Retrofit Partners

MSHS Turbo Retrofit Partners


Alco, CAT 3600, MaK & Wärtsilä

PBS Turbo

Daihatsu, Yanmar, DEUTZ, Jenbacher, CAT 3500 & Sulzer


MaK, Hyundai Himsen (replacing of ABB TPS), SKL, Wärtsilä & Yanmar

24/7 Service and Support Guarantee:

MSHS Turbo Retrofit Program inventories one complete spare turbocharger tailored made for the application as part of the 24/7 response mission. Turbocharger spare is kept for as long as vessel remains operational under same ownership.

  • Turbocharger Sales

    Turbocharger Sales

    Complete units of Napier, MAN, MET, PBS and KBB as well as retrofits for most brands.


  • Turbocharger Spares

    Turbocharger Spares

    Genuine turbocharger spare parts for most major turbocharger brands.


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