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Turbocharger Sales & Support

Turbocharger Sales & Support

MSHS Turbo (a division of MSHS) provides turbocharger services and spare parts. MSHS Turbo has been an integral part of MSHS since its inception.

MSHS is the authorized distributor and service center for many of the world's leading turbocharger manufacturers. The Turbocharger Division offers 24/7 services to the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and the USA. MSHS is certified by ISO 9001:2015, Lloyds Register Quality assurance.

MSHS Turbo inventory includes complete turbochargers for:

  • Napier 5, 7, and 8 series
  • Mitsubishi MET
  • MAN axial TCA, NA/S, NA/T9 and radial TCR, NR/S
  • KBB's axial M-type and radial ST, HPR, and R-types

MSHS provides marine and stationary power plants with qualified and experienced OEM factory-trained service engineers.

Authorized Spares Parts and Complete Turbochargers Network

  • KBB
  • METurbo
  • Napier

Retrofit Solutions

Retrofit Solutions

The MSHS Turbo Retrofit Program utilizes and supports the most reliable and renowned turbochargers. Supporting owners and operators of older diesel engines, the program offers our customers modernization and life-time extension of a vessel and/or generating plant. Designed to deliver superior performance, the MSHS Turbo Retrofits replace existing supercharging with the latest in turbocharger technology.

  • Reduction of emissions & specific fuel oil consumption
  • Temperature reduction of combustion components
  • Higher engine efficiency
  • Extended life-time
  • Improved spare parts availability and support
  • Cost reduction due to extended time between overhauls

MSHS Turbo Retrofit Partners

  • KBB


    MaK, Hyundai HiMSEN (replacing of ABB TPS), SKL, Wärtsilä & Yanmar.


  • Napier


    Alco, CAT 3600, MaK & Wärtsilä.


  • Retrofit installation of turbochargers have been completed onboard vessels and stationary power plants. The MSHS retrofit program results in prolonged engine life and an improved environmental footprint. The company's retrofitting service is designed to avoid turbocharger failures, while dramatically improving engine performance.

  • Turbocharger Sales

    Turbocharger Sales

    Complete units of Napier, MAN, MET, PBS and KBB as well as retrofits for most brands.


  • Turbocharger Spares

    Turbocharger Spares

    Genuine turbocharger spare parts for most major turbocharger brands.