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Water Jet Propulsion Spare Parts

Alamarin Water Jet Propulsion

MSHS maintains an extensive inventory of water jet spare parts. As an authorized parts distributor, MSHS has access to original manufacturer drawings and data.

This enables us to quickly and precisely identify needed spare parts and make critical deliveries on time. In conjunction with our integrated freight forwarding service, we are able to execute both domestic & international shipments 24/7.

Authorized water jet spare parts for leading OEMs:

Alamarin-Jet, MJP DRB, MJP CSU and MJP Ultrajet.

Marine Jet Power - CSU/DRB Marine Jet Power - Ultrajet

Authorized spares parts and complete water-jet propulsion network

  • Alamarin Water Jet Propulsion
  • Marine Jet Power - CSU/DRB
  • Marine Jet Power - Ultrajet

MSHS carries a large inventory of Marine Jet Power, DRB, CSU and Ultrajet Series, Alamarin-jet and HamiltonJet parts to ensure timely and cost efficient parts deliveries to customers.

Detailed Information about our Waterjet Brands

  • MJP, DRB & CSU parts

    MJP, DRB & CSU parts

    Marine Jet Power (MJP) is a leading innovator and supplier in the marine propulsion field.


  • Alamarin-Jet Parts

    Alamarin-Jet Parts

    Rescue Boat Societies and other demanding professionals trust Alamarin-Jet products.


  • MJP Ultrajet parts

    MJP Ultrajet parts

    Complete control of vessel maneuvering by controlling vessel motions in steering.


  • Ultrajet

Manufacturer Standard Warranties and Extended Parts Coverage

In addition to providing the best water jet solution for your vessel or pleasure craft, MSHS industry-leading warranty packages help protect your investment, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your water jet. Contact us to find out more about our warranty packages.

  • 24/7 Global Service

    24/7 Global Service

    Quick and professional water jet service to minimize down time.


  • Spare Parts

    Waterjet Sales

    MSHS distributes leading Waterjet OEM's Alamarinjet, MJP CSU DRB and Ultrajet.