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YANMAR Marine Commercial Engines

MSHS is Your YANMAR Partner for Authorized
Marine Commercial Engine Service and Parts

MSHS is your authorized distributor and service partner for medium speed YANMAR commercial marine engines throughout the Americas.

The MSHS Team is here to support your engine operation, ensuring continued operation and cost effectiveness. MSHS factory-trained technicians provide exceptional expertise and support for all your marine medium commercial engines maintenance and service needs.

We are standing by to provide you with regularly scheduled maintenance that will keep your marine diesel engine running in optimum condition. MSHS is here to support your operation with regular diesel engine maintenance:

• Improved engine performance
• Reduced emissions
• Improved fuel economy
• Factory-approved YANMAR Service
• Short turnaround times for emergency service throughout the Americas
• Factory-trained and experienced technicians
• Installation of complete units
• Full stock of critical spares at MSHS US facilities

Full inventory of YANMAR parts available in the USA

    MSHS has grown to be one of largest in stock parts carriers for marine diesel engines. We carry inventory to replace some of the more commonly needed marine diesel engine parts. We manage a large supply of Yanmar Marine parts in stock.

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    Genuine Yanmar Parts

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  • FNM Service

    Yanmar Engine Service

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Ready to serve you
Full service locations in Southeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the Gulf Coast and the Pacific Northwest, plus a network of local representatives throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

Estamos Disponible Para Servirle
Instalaciones de servicio completo en el Sureste; Costa Noroeste, y El Golfo. Además una red de agentes en
América Latina y el Caribe.